Generic Design (25,000 Units)
Generic Design (25,000 Units)

Generic Design (25,000 Units)

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25,000 Units: 100 boxes of 250 chillums each, totaling 25,000 chillums and caps. Ability to select more than one label color. (Cannabis not included.) 

Made in the USA. Our chillums are made of pharmaceutical-grade American glass. Load 0.35g - 0.5g of ground flower and insert the cap to keep it fresh.

How to fill: Fill all 25,000 in less than 1,000 minutes with our easy-to-use Speed Filling System (patent pending). Choose a target weight between .35g to .5g per unit. You can fill our chillums with flower or infused flower. For infusions, a homogenized blend of resin and flower is recommended.  

Easy to use: Once filled, simply uncap, ignite, and inhale. Our chillums are easy to use, reusable, and recyclable. Consumers can expect 5-15 hits on average. (Cannabis not included.)

Pre-Packs Guarantee: We are dedicated to providing consumers with safe, clean, and tested glass.