The Pre-Packs Set
The Pre-Packs Set
The Pre-Packs Set
The Pre-Packs Set

The Pre-Packs Set

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The Pre-Packs Set has everything you need for a perfect smoking session.

Comes with a Pick-and-Pack tool, Bong Adapter, and 6-pack Filling System.

Pick-and-Pack tool: Our Pick-and-pack tool makes cleaning your chillums easy. The Pick-and-Pack tool doubles as a keychain, so you’re able to pack or clean out your pipes wherever you are.

Bong Adapter: Designed for bong lovers, our silicone bong adapter allows you to smoke our PRE-PACKS chillums directly from your bong. Compatible with any bong, including 10mm, 14mm, 18mm, and Stündenglass Gravity Bong. 

6-Pack Filling System: Our 6-pack Filling System helps you fill and pack your 6-pack of  PRE-PACKS chillums quickly and easily. The 6-pack Filling System is designed to fit right on top of your 6-pack.

Choose any target weight from .35g to .5g per unit. This filling system works with flower and infused flower. For infusions, a homogenized blend of resin and flower is recommended. Use the Pick-and-Pack tool to help you easily pack down your flower. 

Why choose Pre-Packs?


Glass body and cap are recyclable.

Made in the U.S.A.

Our chillums are manufactured right here in the United States.

Fully Customizable

Design your own chillums or shop our premade templates to make your next get together a hit.